Speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves
Beth Gore
Beth Gore
Speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves
This is a video featuring Manny's story.  
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(Association of Vascular Access
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need to collaborate on Saving lives through Risk free
Vascular Access.  
Why am I on the Board of Directors for the

Did you know ...
  • 200,000 people got a preventable
    hospital acquired infection related to
    Vascular Access last year
  • 50,000 people died from these infections
  • 50-60% of a hospital nurse's day is
    spent on something related to Vascular
  • Not one hour is required in any nursing
    schools nationwide to teach Vascular

The AVAF is working on projects related to
  • Research
  • Education
  • Community Involvement

Community Education and Awareness is my
area of focus.  We are working on projects to
increase the Community's awareness of this
complex issue as well as how to protect
Quick History of Manny and how we ended up in the
world of Vascular Access

Manny was adopted at 9 months old.  At 10 months, he
was admitted to the hospital and it was very difficult to
get an IV in so the VA team was called.  Over that
admission and the subsequent ones, we needed them

At age 2, he ended up needing a "Central Line" (a more
permanent type of IV) to receive all his nutrition.  He
eats nothing by mouth or tube.   

With almost 3 years living with this type of device, there
have been many complications.  There are "pot holes"
in the medical field regarding VA.  Therefore, I advocate
for Education, Research and Community Involvement.  
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